GICC shall remain steadfast in practicing fair policies, abiding and guarding the game's Laws to safeguard its Spirit, and promoting cricket to young people in Switzerland. 

GICC is committed to the betterment of the players and the game.

GICC shall campaign to ensure that a great game is always played in a truly sportsmanlike way.

Looking to the future, GICC shall invest its efforts to provide opportunity to youth and upcoming players and enable a coaching environment for the uninitiated.

GICC First XI is the youngest team by age in the Swiss League since 2005.

GICC's efforts shall continue to evolve in response to local cricket needs and play a positive role in Swiss cricket.  Our objectives are to:

  • Cooperate with private & public entities with a view to increase sports particularly cricket's international appeal in Swiss sports arena;
  • Promote cricket to young people, for long-term betterment of the players and the game;
  • Create an enabling environment for all interested in cricket;
  • Contribute in safeguarding cricket’s Ethics & Laws, basis for self-regulation for all those who are involved or interested to become involved in the cricket
  • Strengthen our position as an active cricket-playing club in Switzerland


Join us and make cricket a success.