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GICC home ground at the Bout-du-Monde in Geneva

                                                                            2 0 1 9    ACTIVITIES

DATE                           TEAMS                                                   TYPE                  RESULTS            VENUE        
Jan-March   Indoor Training                                                                                                                Bout-du-Monde
13 April       Cricket Switzerland Umpiring Course                        Course                 Passed              Les Vernets
06 April       GICC (209-6) vs GCC (210-5)                                   Friendly                Lost                   Bout-du-Monde   
14 April       GICC (137-10 / 114-2) vs Cern CC (125-6 / 113-7)   Friendly                Won                  Bout-du-Monde
28 April       Cossonay CC vs GICC                                               Friendly               Called-off          
En Marche (VD)
05 May       GICC (139-5) vs GCC (143-3)                                    Pickwick               Lost                   Bout-du-Monde
05  May      GICC
(183-5) vs Cern CC (163-6)                              Pickwick               Won                  Bout-du-Monde
12 May       Cossonay CC
(172-10) vs GICC (148-10)                  CSPL                   Lost                   En Marche (VD)
18 May       GICC  vs La Chât XI                                                   Friendly                Called-off          Bout-du-Monde  
26 May       GICC (149-10) vs GCC (349-7)                                  CSPL                   Lost                   Bout-du-Monde
09 June      Cossonay CC vs GICC                                               Pickwick                                        En Marche (VD)
09 June      Bern CC vs GICC                                                       Pickwick                                         En Marche (VD)
16 June      GICC vs GXISCC                                                       CSPL                                              Bout-du-Monde
23 June      GSLCC vs GICC                                                         Pickwick                                         Bout-du-Monde
30 June      Cern CC vs GICC                                                       CSPL                                              En Prévessin 
07 July       GICC vs GSLCC                                                         CSPL                                              Bout-du-Monde
14 July       GICC vs Essonne CC                                                 Friendly                                           Bout-du-Monde
28 July       GICC vs Bern CC                                                       CSPL                                               Bout-du-Monde
04 Aug.      GXISCC vs GICC                                                       Pickwick                                          Les Evaux 
18 Aug.      GICC vs Cossonay CC                                              Friendly                                            Bout-du-Monde
08 Sept.     CSPL QF                                                                                                                            Bout-du-Monde

28-29 Sept. GICC Cricket Festival (Trilateral T20)                      Tournament                                     Bout-du-Monde
2018 GICC Cricket Festival - Congratulations to GICC team for bringing the Cup home!
19.08.2018 – The visitors on display scored 306 off 40 overs vs. Cern CC
22.07.2018 - Team defriefing
08.04.2018 – Team win vs Cossonay at En Marche (Vaud)
The GICC team ...
... who are recipients of the 2017 Spirit of Cricket Award.
25.09.2016 – Us, GICC !
25.09.2016 – Cern youth lauded in the 2016 GICC Cricket Festival won by Geneva CC.
04.09.2016 - GICC and Basel CC teams, all smiles after the friendly game at Bout-du-Monde
04.09.2016 - Team celebrating the fall of a prized wicket vs Basel
2016 - Enthroning of new members …
… who were in action since long!
28.08.2016 – Bern CC and GICC teams in friendly T20 on 28.08.2016
28.08.2016 – Outfield of Bern CC home ground.
28.08.2016 – Team briefing.
8.08.2016 – Energy drinks on the way.
28.08.2016 – Special transport to Schönau for match.
28.08.2016 – Great All-round ! Opening Batsman, Bowler & Patented GICC driver.
14.08.2016 – Old GICC members
14.08.2016 – Young GICC members
24.07.2016 – Highest winning team scores in Cricket Switzerland Premier League: 409.
24.07.2016 – The proud pair not out!
26.06.2016 – Thomas on the field
26.06.2016 – Thomas off the field, shirt signed with love by his teamates
26.06.2016 – Thomas send-off
26.06.2016 – Thomas send-off
GICC team at the United Nations in Geneva.
GICC team at En Marche ground, Cossonay in Vaud
08.05.2016 – GICC team with the SFocus Umpires.
08.05.2016 – Man of the match Thomas Probert in the 40 overs League match vs Uprising CC.
GICC 13th player
22.08.2015 – Last League match of the season with a win.
22.08.2015 – Commitment to the club: GICC Vice-Captain scoring
with one arm in sling.
13.09.2014 – GICC team and PCAPH team with the Mayor of Geneva at Bout-du-Monde

10.08.2014 – GICC won the League match vs Swiss Colts

10.08.2014 – Vignesh Sethuraman & Obaidullah Amin who power GICC win vs Swiss Colts

The three GICC members - Ahmad Daqiqui, Obaidullah Amin and Balihar Singh – who played for the ad hoc Swiss National XI at Zuoz Cricket Festival on 14 & 15 June 2014.

08.06.2014 – Briefing ahead of the League match GICC vs Cern CC

08.06.2014 – Celebrating the winning hit over Cern CC.

08.06.2014 – GICC won by 5 wickets off 35.4 overs in the League match vs Cern CC

01.06.2014 – We won by 8 wickets in the friendly game vs GXI Stars CC.

6.07.2014 – GICC lost vs Uprising CC in Vernier by…8 runs.

11.05.2014 – We did not expect to loose to Geneva Sri Lankan CC by 15 runs.

19.04.2014 - The 3 Musketers who passed with flying colors the Cricket Switzerland Umpiring Course

06.04.2014- GICC team won by 3 wickets in the friendly vs Uprising CC

06.04.2014 – Blocking a lost card while fielding successfully ...

30.03.2014 – GICC won by 8 wickets over Cern CC in the T20 Tournament

GICC team celebrating its 2013 cricket season

2013 End of season Bash

Live music by Afif Khan

Afghan & Indian specialities, courtesy of Chef Ahmad, Senthil and Rajeev.

12.10.2013 – The winning team of the 2013 GICC Cricket Festival.

12.10.2013 – The Trophy of the GICC Cricket Festival … brought home by GICC First XI of 2013

12.10.2013 – The opening pair who anchored the win over Cern CC by 69 runs in the 3rd game of the Twenty20 Tournament.

14.09.2013 – GICC beat GXISCC by 16 runs in the 2nd game of the Twenty20 Tournament.

14.09.2013 – Musical warming up before the Twenty20 game vs GXISCC.

25.08.2013 - GICC team won by 42 runs over Nomads CC from Zürich.
Nomads CC and GICC in friendly game on 25.08.2013.
League match vs Cern CC on 11.08.2013 – GICC lost by 16 runs and missed out the SCALeague semi-final playoffs by just 2 points

Before batting in reply to GXIStars in the League match on 04.08.2013…

... and after reaching the target with 5 wickets and 20 overs to spare !

14.07.2013 – Another nice pic of our home ground.

07.07.2013 vs GXISCC - Well kept, GICC keeper!

07.07.2013 - Where is the ball?

30.06.2013 - Umpire and scorer cross-checking the final scores.

30.06.2013 – We won the League game at Cossonay ground.

30.06.2013 – Good ball, GICC!

30.06.2013 – No ball, Cossonay!

30.06.2013 – Here the full team for the League game at En Marche, Cossonay ground.


30.06.2013 - Where are Captain and Gaurav in the bus to Cossonay ground?

22.06.2013 – The batters and the scorers

22.06.2013 – Committed wicket-keeper.

22.06.2013 – A beauty of technics, Anthony!

22.06.2013 – Looks like a coach watching his team performances

08.06.2013 – Winning smiles for the first game of Pickwick Cup T20

09.06.2013 - Oddity in this pic: an Indian who does not play cricket !

07.07.2012 – Delivery for the tea break!

01.07.2012 - On the way to the League game in Bern

01.07.2012 – All the way to Bern for a rained-off game.

24.06.2012 - Looove Cheetah ... vs Cossonay CC

03.06.2012 - The Champs waiting for the play

2011 - End of season Bash: Performances sketch amid laughters.

June 2011 - The impromptu Chefs ...

and the cheery real Chef ...

...  and the Cheerers.

10.04.2011 - GICC & Nestle  on show after   hard playing.

Teams finalists in the SCV 2010 League Championship posing with SCV officials

Trophy of the GICC Cricket Festival ...

...won by Cern CC in 2010.

2010 Twenty20 Tournament (1rst round) - Suri Paladagu with his unbeaten century helped GICC to a four-wickets victory over Rhône CC.

2010 Twenty20 Tournament (2nd round) - Rhône's players following progress of their innings with GICC's Raghuveer Gayam as head-scorer.

10 Twenty20 Tournament - Nestle's Anil Kumar in motion for his fifth wicket vs. Rhône CC ...

... and celebrating the fall of the wicket.

2010 Twenty20 Tournament (2nd round) - Nestle CC won by 8 wickets over Rhône CC

2010 Twenty20 Tournament - GICC's Suri, Ahmad, Sandeep & Sachin

2010 Twenty20 Tournament - Nestle team

2010 Twenty20 Tournament -  See you again next cricket season.

In 2008, Power Winterthur CC won the GICC Cricket Festival Trophy under chilling weather

The 2007  GICC Cricket Festival ( Twenty/20 Tournament ) being watched by the club seniors.                                                                

      2007 - Fans and officials keeping track of the Tournament Finals.

           GSLCC won the Trophy at the 2007 GICC Cricket Festival

Australia's cricket team celebrating the 2007 World Cup Trophy.