2018  GICC  First  XI 
From left  to  right:   Habib Choudhury,  Balihar Singh,  Bakir Shaikh* , Amar Nanjundamurthy, Sharnjeet Singh (Sonu), Waseem Khan, Nadeem Khan, Girish Kalyanaraman, Jibran Zuberi, Viney Saini, Dilbag Singh, Balaji Ramamoorthy.

DATE                           TEAMS                                                          TYPE             RESULTS           VENUE        
Jan-March                  Indoor Training                                                                                                Bout-du-Monde
18 Febr.       GICC (1rst: 86-8 / 2nd:109-6) vs                               Indoor T20          Tied                  Bout-du-Monde

                    Cern CC (1rst: 87-6 / 2nd: 86-8)                                                                          
 17 March     Cricket Switzerland Umpiring Course                       Course                 Passed             Les Vernets
09 April       Cossonay CC (1rst: 104-5 / 2nd: 131-6) vs               Friendly T20          Won                 En Marche (VD) 
                    GICC (1rst: 108-5 / 2nd: 145-3)        
22 April       GICC (212-5) vs Cern CC (208-8)                              Friendly                Won                  Bout-du-Monde
29 April       Bern CC vs GICC                                                        Friendly               Called-off          Schönau (Bern)
05 May       GICC (213-7) vs La Chât CC ( 79-9)                           Friendly                Won                  Bout-du-Monde
13  May      GICC (267-10) vs Rhône CC (297-10)                        CSPL                    Lost                  Bout-du-Monde
27 May       Cossonay CC (77-1) vs GICC (74-10)                        Pickwick                Lost                  En Marche (VD)
02 June      GICC (135-7) vs GXISCC (134-8)                              Pickwick                Lost                  Bout-du-Monde  
02 June      GICC (154-10) vs Bern CC (162-9)                            Pickwick                Lost                  Bout-du-Monde
10 June      GCC (268-4) vs GICC (146-9)                                    Pickwick                Lost                  Bout-du-Monde
17 June      GICC (152-10) vs Cossonay CC (158-10)                  CSPL                    Lost                  Bout-du-Monde
24 June      GSLCC (104-10) vs GICC (163-10)                            CSPL                    Won                  Bout-du-Monde
01 July       Cern CC (179-5) vs GICC (166-3)                              Pickwick                Lost                   En Prévessin
08 July       GICC (149-9) vs GSLCC (206-9)                                Pickwick                Lost                  Bout-du-Monde
22 July       GCC (135-5) vs GICC (133-10)                                  CSPL                     Lost                  Bout-du-Monde
29 July       GICC (111-4) vs Cern CC (109-10)                             CSPL                    Won                 Bout-du-Monde
05 Aug.      GXISCC (271-9) vs GICC (203-10)                            CSPL                     Lost                   Les Evaux
12 Aug.      Bern CC (194-10) vs GICC (85-10)                            CSPL                     Lost                  Schönau (Bern)
19 Aug.      GICC (306-4) vs. Cern CC (112-10)                           Friendly                 Won                  Bout-du-Monde
09 Sept.     GICC (169-3) vs Cossonay CC (163-9)                     Friendly                  Won                  Bout-du-Monde
06-07 Oct.   GICC Cricket Festival (Trilateral T20)                      Tournament            Won                  Bout-du-Monde

                                                                      2017  ACTIVITIES
This GICC First XI ...
... are the recipients of the 2017 Spirit of Cricket Award.
     TEAMSTYPE   RESULTS         VENUE       

Jan-MarchIndoor Training

19 Feb.Indoor T20 GICC vs GCC Friendly      Bout-du-Monde
01 April Cricket Switzerland Umpiring CourseCourse
Les Vernets (GVA)
09 AprilCossonay CC vs GICCFriendly
    En Marche (VD)
23 AprilGICC vs Geneva CCFriendly
30 AprilBern CC vs GICC Friendly     Schönau (Bern)
07  MayCern CC vs GICC Friendly     En Prevessin
14  MayGICC vs GCC Pickwick
14 MayGICC vs Cossonay CCPickwick     Bout-du-Monde
21 MayGSLCC vs GICCPickwick     Bout-du-Monde
11 JuneCern CC vs GICCFriendly      En Prevessin
18 JuneGICC vs GXISCCLeague       Bout-du-Monde
24 JuneGICC vs Rhône CCPickwick      Bout-du-Monde
24 JuneGICC vs GXISCCPickwick
02 JulyGXISCC vs GICCPickwick      Les Evaux
09 JulyGICC vs GSLCCLeague      Bout-du-Monde
16 JulyCossonay CC vs GICCLeague      En Marche (VD)
23 JulyCern CC vs GICCLeague      En Prevessin
30 JulyGICC vs GCCLeague     Bout-du-Monde
05 Aug.GICC vs Rhône CCLeague      Bout-du-Monde
27 AugustNomads CC vs GICCQ. Final      Winterthur
23-24 Sept.GICC Cricket Festival (T20, 11 a side, 3 teams)Tournament      Bout-du-Monde
    2016 GICC First XI

Standing  from  left  to  right                         SFocus Umpire, Sikander  Raja, Vivian  Fernandes, Karthik Subbarayalu, Thomas Probert,  Shahul Doulath, Vignesh Sethuraman, SFocus Umpire.

Sitting from left to right:  Balaji Ramamoorthy, Habib Choudhury, Hemant Khamkar, Leo Josbe, Sanket Pithadia.

     TEAMSTYPE   RESULT         VENUE       

03 AprilIndoor intra-GICCFriendly
10 AprilT20 Cossonay CC (150-6) vs GICC (136-5)Friendly  Lost    En Marche (VD)
16 AprilT20 GICC vs La Chât CCFriendlyWon    Bout-du-Monde
17 AprilCricket Switzerland Umpiring CourseCoursePassed    Les Vernets
24 AprilGICC (310-10) vs Bern CC (310-10)Friendly Tied    Bout-du-Monde
08  MayUprising CC (113-10) vs GICC (118-3)League Won    Vernier
15  MayGCC (208-6) vs GICC (121-10)Pickwick Lost    Bout-du-Monde
22 MayGICC (160-10) vs GXISCC (161-3)Pickwick Lost    Bout-du-Monde
22 MayGICC (185-2) vs Uprising CC (115-10)Pickwick Won    Bout-du-Monde
05 JuneGXISCC (384-4)  vs GICC (176-9)League  Lost    Les Evaux
12 JuneGCC (246-10) vs GICC (141-10)League   Lost    Bout-du-Monde
19 JuneCossonay CC (184-5) vs GICC (56-9) Pickwick  Lost    En Marche (VD)
19 JuneSwiss Colts (117-8)  vs GICC (128-9) Pickwick  Won
    En Marche
26 JuneGSLCC (260-3) vs GICC (255-8)League  Lost      Bout-du-Monde
03 JulyGICC (298-6) vs Cossonay CC(259-10) League  Won    Bout-du-Monde
09 JulyGICC (171-10) vs Swiss Colts (186-8)League  Lost    Bout-du-Monde
17 JulyUprising CC (112-10) vs GICC (183-4)Friendly  Won    Vernier
24 JulyGICC (409-6) vs Cern CC (180-9 ao)League  Won   Bout-du-Monde
14 Aug.GICC (59-4 / 239-3) vs Cossonay-TGF (58 ao / 105-7)Friendly   Won   Bout-du-Monde
28 Aug.Bern CC (245-2 & 81 ao) vs GICC (129-10 & 83-1)Friendly   Won   Schönau (Bern)
4 Sept.GICC (199-10) vs Basel CC (204-8)Friendly   Lost   Bout-du-Monde
11 Sept.Geneva CC (257-8 ) vs GICC (234-10) Friendly  Lost   Bout-du-Monde
24-25 Sept.GICC Cricket Festival (T20, 11 a side, 3 teams)Tournament      Bout-du-Monde

24 July 2016 – League match Geneva International CC vs Cern CC

Geneva International CC 409-6 off 40 overs (Sanket 166*, Balaji 76, Balaji 3-23-4, Habib 3-44-8)
Cern CC 180-9 all out off 25.2 overs (Matthew 56, Chris 3-47-8, Phani 2-63-6)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 229 runs
Man of the match: Sanket Pithadia

Geneva International CC (GICC) set a new record of 409-6 as Highest Winning Team Scores in Cricket Switzerland Premier League on 24 July 2016 in a glorious victory vs Cern CC.
Records tumbled as GICC hosted Cern at Bout Du Monde Stadium. On a sunny day GICC Captain Habib Choudhury won the toss and elected to bat first. Leo and Balihar opened the innings and were given instructions to loosen their arms and play the "aramsai aggressive" mantra style of play. The pair did not disappoint with some excellent shot making against the new ball, the first wicket partnership of 67 set the platform well. Cern introduced their experienced bowler C. Onions(3-47-8) to steady the ship. Some disciplined bowling followed claiming the wickets of both openers. Balihar caught on the boundary for 20 and Leo bowled on 40. The batting strength of GICC showed through though as charismatic batsmen Balaji arrived at the crease accompanied by Habib and they stemmed the flow of wickets. Habib succumbed to the ever persistent Onions snicking one behind on 29. Amar came in for a quickfire 21 seeing off Onions final over before a moment of confusion saw him run out. This seemed to be a tactical sacrifice having seen off Onions bowling spells, in stepped Sanket "the sixer" Pithadia. Balaji kept the runs flowing with some signature classic shot making whilst Sanket settled himself. Balaji was unfortunate to be out on 76 after pulling a short delivery directly to square leg to the bowling of Phani (2-63-6). 

What followed next was a brutal assault on the Cern bowlers. Not in the mood for singles in a glorious sunny day, Sanket made it rain sixes as he unleashed his hay maker SS ton bat to dispatch the ball effortlessly. After reaching his maiden 50 off only 23 balls it was becoming clear which way he was heading. He needed only another 15 balls to reach 100 as GICC placed fielders in the forest in expectation of more crushing sixes. Some loose bowling by Cern followed as they bowled numerous wides in a vain attempt to contain the uncontainable Sanket who finished on 166 not out off 53 balls with 21 massive sixes, supported by Vignesh & Sikkander rotating the strike at the death. GICC finished with a Goliath total of 409-6.

Lunch eaten, GICC took to the field. Vignesh took the new ball and made an early breakthrough in the first over with Cern batsmen John out for a duck snicking one caught behind by Balihar. GICC confidence was brimming now. However Cern were down but not out. Paul & Chris commenced an aggressive chase of runs accumulating boundaries and scoring at an exceptional rate. At 50-1 after 5 overs a change of bowling brought the breakthrough, Habib taking the wicket of danger man Paul caught in slips by Vivian for 35. This brought Cern skipper Matthew to the crease and at 109-2 off 10 Cern was ahead of the run rate. Matthew continued the aggressive batting with some big shots backed up by Chris and the partnership was looking dangerous. Habib eventually frustrated Chris who nicked one behind on 49 to Balihar behind the stumps who caught everything that came his way. The breakthrough was made however danger man Matthew was still at the crease at drinks. 

GICC were rejuvenated after drinks assisted by the 11 man search party finding the new ball lost in the forest in the 4th over of the game. This enabled Habib to pin down Matthew with the in swinging deliveries and eventually forcing the wicket with a snick behind on 56. GICC were on the rise and spinner Balaji was introduced to the attack to force the wickets of the new batsmen. Balaji delivered with the wicket of the Claston. This was shortly followed by a double wicket maiden prompting the skipper to take him out of the attack! Showing strength and depth Dilbag and Sikkander finished the job off professionally with Cern all out for 180. Balaji 3-23-4 and Habib 3-44-8. A good attempt by Cern but the consistent bowling saw GICC ease home in the end. No doubts as to the man of the match Sanket Super Sixes Pithadia.


GICC First XI.
Standing from left to right: Sikander Raja, Thomas Probert, Hemant Khamkar, Obaidullah Amin, Hugh Searight, Khrisna Vaharan, Govin Rangaraj, Jibran Zuberi, Balaji Ramamoorthy.
Sitting from left to right: Habib Choudhary*, Sanket Pithadia, Vignesh Sethuraman.
  DATE         TEAMS TYPE    RESULT   VENUE       
12-13 Sept. GICC Cricket Festival (T20, 11 a side, 4 teams) Tournament    Bout-du-Monde
16 Aug. GICC vs Cossonay CC League    En Marche (VD)
09 Aug. GICC vs GXISCC   League    Bout-du-Monde
1rst Aug. GICC vs Swiss Colts League     Bout-du-Monde
26 July Cern CC vs GICC League     En Prévessin
12 July GXISCC v GICC Pickwick   Les Evaux
28 June Uprising CC vs GICC Pickwick     Vernier
14 June GICC vs GSLCC Pickwick   Bout-de-Monde
07 June GICC vs Uprising CC League     Bout-de-Monde
31 May GICC vs Cern CC Pickwick        Bout-de-Monde
23 May Cossonay CC vs GICC Friendly        En Marche (VD)
17 May GICC vs Cossonay CC Pickwick         Bout-du-Monde
17 May GICC vs Swiss Colts Pickwick   Bout-du-Monde
10 May Cern CC vs GICC Friendly     En Prévessin
17 April Cricket Switzerland Umpiring Course Course   Les Vernets
03 April Indoor GICC vs Cern CC Friendly      Bout-du-Monde


GICC First XI of 2014

GICC First XI 2014
                Standing from left to right: Satish Kumar, NickMagon, Vishwadeep Mishra, Ahmad Daqiqui, Sikandar Raja,                    Obaidullah Amin, Kashif Ashfaq
Sitting from left to right: Balihar Singh, Habib Choudhary*, Vipin Pavithran, Vignesh Sethuraman.

13 Sept. GICC (112-10) vs PCAPH (232-10) Friendly     Lost Bout-du-Monde
17 Aug. Cern CC (186-9) vs GICC (179-10) Friendly     Lost En Prévessin
10 Aug. GICC (171-9) vs Swiss Colts (171-10) League     Won Bout-du-Monde
6 July Uprising CC (223-10) vs GICC (213-10) League     Lost Vernier
29 June GICC (135-10) vs Cossonay CC (269-9) League     Lost Bout-du-Monde
22 June GXISCC (302-9) vs GICC (238-9) League     Lost Les Evaux
8 June GICC (278-5) vs Cern CC (272-6) League    Won Bout-du-Monde
1 June GXISCC (197-10) vs GICC (199-2) Friendly    Won Les Evaux
11 May GICC (155-10) vs GSLCC (170-10) Friendly    Lost Bout-du-Monde
27 April GXISCC vs GICC Friendly Rained-off  Les Evaux
20 April GICC (290-11) vs Cern CC (335-6) Friendly    Lost Bout-du-Monde
19 April Cricket Switzerland Umpiring Course   Passed Les Vernets
6 April GICC (147-7) vs Uprising CC (146-10) Friendly    Won Bout-du-Monde
29-30 March GICC Tournament T20, 10 a side: Cossonay CC (298-5 / 157-8), Cern CC (168 ao / 142-7) & GICC (63 ao / 145-2) Tournament    Lost Bout-du-Monde

17 August 2014 – Friendly game Cern CC vs Geneva International CC
Cern CC 186-9 off 35 overs (John 54*, Sayan 4-9)
Geneva International CC 179-10 off 34.4 overs (Sikandar 53, Nick 34*, Nick 1-11)
Results: Geneva International CC lost by 7 runs

10 August 2014 - League match Geneva International CC vs Swiss Colts
Swiss Colts 169-10 off 39.5 overs (Aïdan 34, Ruwan J. 39, Arjun 4-36)
Geneva International CC 171-9 off 32.2 overs (Obaid 42, Satish 26, Vignesh 4-33)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 1wicket
Man of the match: Obaidullah Amin with his 42 runs and 2 wickets

6 July 2014 - League match Uprising vs Geneva International CC
Uprising CC 221-10 off 40 overs (Idriss 114, Wasim 3-34)
Geneva International CC 213-10 off 37.4 overs (Vipin 56, Habib 55, Obaid 4-38, Balihar 3-31 )
Results: Geneva International CC lost by 8 runs

22 June 2014 - League match GXISCC vs Geneva International CC
GXISCC 302-9 off 40 overs (Ali 74, Waleed 56, Ali 4-28)
Geneva International CC 238-9 off 40 ov. (Habib 58, Balihar 33, Obaid 3-52, Satish 2-34)
Results: Geneva International CC lost by 64 runs

8 June 2014 - League match Geneva International CC vs Cern CC
Cern CC 272-6 off 40 overs(Matthew 92, Shahzad 48*, Claston 2-28)
Geneva International CC 279-5 off 35.4 overs (Kashif 77*, Balihar 71*, Sikander 48)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 5 wickets
Man of the match: Kashif Ashfaq who turned the match around with his 77 runs not out.

01 June 2014 – Friendly game Geneva XIStars CC vs Geneva International CC
Geneva XIStars CC 197-10 off 29.5 overs (Raja 50, Waleed 35)
Geneva International CC 199-2 off 25.4 overs (Balihar 74*, Vipin 42, Balihar 3-27, Obaid 3-34, Vignesh 2-10)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 8 wickets.
Man of the match: Balihar Singh for his 74 runs and 3 wickets.

11 May 2014 – Friendly game Geneva International CC vs GSLCC
Geneva Sri Lankan CC 170-10 off 38.1 overs (Dugal 50, Mayuram 3-14, Sanjeeva 3-9)
Geneva International CC 155-10 off 28.2 overs (Satish 53, Nick 2-6, Ahmad 2-19)
Results: Geneva Sri Lankan CC won by 15 runs.

20 April 2014 – Friendly game Geneva International CC vs Cern CC
Cern CC 335-6 (Chaudhari 86, Shahzad 53*, Chaudhari 2-35)
Geneva International CC 290-11 off 37.1 overs (Balihar 60, Saad 33)
Results: Cern CC won by 45 runs.

06 April 2014 – Friendly game Geneva International CC vs Uprising CC
Uprising CC 146 all out off 28 overs (Raunak 32, Wasim 21)
Geneva International CC 147-7 off 21.4 overs (Balihar 66*, Balihar 4-22, Sikand 2-14)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 3 wickets.
Man of the match: Balihar Singh CHB 66 not out off 21.4 overs and 4 wickets.

29-31 March 2014 – GICC T20 Tournament between Cern CC, Cossonay CC & Geneva International CC
1st game: Cossonay CC (298-5) beat Cern CC (168 ao) by 130 runs.
2nd game: Cossonay CC (157-8) beat Geneva International CC (63 ao) by 94 runs.
3rd game: Geneva International CC 145-2 off 17.3 overs (Ranjeet 71*, Balihar 4-13) vs Cern CC 142-7 off  20 overs (Mathews 76*)
Geneva International CC won the match by 8 wickets.

Cossonay CC won the Tournament by most points


GICC First XI of 2013
Standing left to right: Balihar Singh, Ankit Sharma, Ranjeet Singh, Dilbag Singh, Gaurav Gulati, Ahmad Daqiqui, Kashif Ashfaq, Sunil Tallapaneni*
Sitting from left to right: Sikandar Raja, Senthil Chokkalingam, Parit Bansal, Vignesh Sethuraman. 

14 Sept &12 Oct.GICC Cricket Festival (T20,11 a side, Cern CC, GXISCC & GICC)Tourrnamen    WonBout-du-Monde
25 AugustGICC (297-8) vs Nomads CC (255-11)Friendly    WonB-d-Monde
11 August Cern CC (228-8) vs GICC (212-10)League    LostPrévessin
4 AugustGICC (138-5) vs GXISCC (136-10)League    WonB-d-Monde
14 JulyGICC (216-10) vs Bern CC (247-10)League    LostB-d-Monde
7 JulyGXISCC (125-8) vs GICC (98-10)Pick. Cup    LostLes Evaux
30 JuneCossonay (139-10) vs GICC (140-4)League    WonVaud (VD)
22 JuneGICC (152-8) vs Swiss Colts (70-9)Pick. Cup    WonB-d-Monde
22 JuneGICC (143-8) vs Bern CC (180-6)Pick. Cup    LostB-d-Monde
16 JuneGICC (154-7) vs Uprising CC (153-10)League    WonB-d-Monde
8 JuneSwiss Colts (91-10) vs GICC (192-10)League    WonB-d-Monde
1 JuneCern CC  vs GICC FriendlyCancelledPrévessin
26 MayCossonay (123-2) vs GICC (119-10)Pick. Cup    LostB-d-Monde
26 MayGICC (108-10) vs Uprising CC (78-10)Pick. Cup    WonB-d-Monde
11 MayGICC (174-10) vs Cern CC (214-8)Friendly    LostB-d-Monde
28 AprilGICC (55-0) vs Rhône CC (54-10)Friendly    WonB-d-Monde
7 April GICC vs Power Winterthur CCFriendlyCancelledB-d-Monde
7 Jan - 31 MarchGICC Indoor PracticeB-d-Monde

14 September & 12 October 2013 – GICC Cricket Festival, T20 Tournament between Cern CC, Geneva XI StarsCC & Geneva International CC
1rst game: Cern CC (133-10) lost toGva XI Stars CC (244-3) by 111 runs
2nd game: GenevaInternational CC (216-7) beat Gva XI Stars CC (200-5) by 16 runs
3rd game: Geneva International CC177-5 off 20 overs (Ankit 55, Vignesh 57, Balihar 1-2)
Cern CC 108-6 off 20 (Hamid 24, Tim 3-31). GenevaInternational CC won by 69 runs.
Final washed-out: Geneva International CC won the Tournament by most points and lifted the Trophy.

25 August 2013 –Friendly game Geneva International CC vs Nomads CC (Zürich)
Geneva International CC 297-8 off 40 overs (Vignesh92* off 39.5 overs, Kashif 87, Ahmad 4-48, Ankit 2-38, Kashif 2-62)
Nomads CC 255-11 off 37.3 overs (Vicky 62, Kamram 39,Farid 4-51)
Results: GenevaInternational CC won by 42 runs.
Man of the match: Kashif Ashfaq.

11 August 2013 - League match Cern CC vs Geneva International CC
Cern CC 228-8 off 40 overs (Richard 53, Chaudhari 3-31)
Geneva International CC212-10 off 36 overs (Ranjeet 84, Sunil 31)
Results: Geneva International CC lost by 16 runs.

4 August 2013 - League match Geneva International CC vs GXIStars CC
GXIStars CC 136-10 off 29.1overs (Ruben 46, Asad 2-12)
Geneva International CC 138-5off 20 overs (Ahmad 27, Sunil 26,Ankit 25,
Ankit 4 -12, Ahmad 3-38)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 5 wickets.
Man of the match: Ankit Sharma

14 July 2013 - League match Geneva International CC vs Bern CC
Bern CC 247-10 off 38.5overs (Tissa 137, Malik 5-14)
Geneva International CC216-10 off 35 overs (Gaurav 61, Ahmad 37)
Results: Geneva International CC lost by 31 runs.

7 July 2013 - Pickwick Cup T20, GXISCC vs Geneva International CC
GXISCC 125-8 off 20 overs(Dar 45, Sudat 2-4)
Geneva International CC 98-10off 19.4 overs (Ankit 1-15, Ahmad 3-26)
Results: Geneva International CC lost by 27 runs 

30 June 2013 - League match Cossonay CC vs Geneva International CC
Cossonay CC 139-10 off 34 overs (Arjun 21, Vaibhav 2-31)
Geneva International CC 140-4 off 35overs (Ankit 81*, Kashif 4-31, Afif 2-21)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 6 wickets
Man of the match: Ankit Sharma CHB 81 not out off 34.2 overs 

22 June 2013 - Pickwick Cup T20, Geneva International CC vs Swiss Colts
Geneva International CC 152-8 off 20 overs (Rajesh 63*, Vignesh 2-5)
Swiss Colts 70 off 20 overs (Ashwin 20, Simon 3-17)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 82 runs
Man of the match: Rajesh Dandyan

22 June 2013 - Pickwick Cup T20, Geneva International CC vs Bern CC
Geneva International CC 143-8 off 20 overs (Ahmad 45*, Ankit 1-10)
Bern CC 180-6 off 20 overs (Aseem 108, Umar 2-7)
Results: Geneva International CC lost by 37 runs

16 June 2013 – League match Geneva International CC vs Uprising CC
Geneva International CC 154-7 off 35.5 ov. (Kashif 36*, Ahmad 22, Ahmad 4-36,
Sikandar 2-6)
Uprising CC 153-10 off 35 overs (Nelson 41, Raheel 2-26)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 3 wickets
Man of the match: Ahmad Daqiqui

8 June 2013 – League match Swiss Colts vs Geneva International CC
Swiss Colts 91 off 24.4 overs (Ashwin 3-28, Jay 3-34)
Geneva International CC 192 off 35.2 overs (Sunil 53*, Ahmad 50, Ranjeet 6-17,
Vignesh 2-12)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 101 runs
Men of the match: Sunil Tallapaneni & Ahmad Daqiqui

26 May 2013 - Pickwick Cup T20, Geneva International CC vs Uprising CC
Geneva International CC 108 off 18 overs (Senthil 46, Ankit 4-12, Vignesh 2-7)
Uprising 78 off 18 overs (Raheel 3-15)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 30 runs
Men of the match: Senthil Chokkalingam & Ankit Sharma

11 May 2013 – Friendly game Geneva International CC vs Cern CC
Geneva International CC 174 off 40 overs (Vignesh 50, Ranjeet 4-36)
Cern CC 214-8 off 40 overs ( Chaudri 86, Chaudri 3-22)
Results: Geneva International CC lost by 40 runs

 28 April 2013 – Friendly game Geneva International CC vs Rhône CC
Geneva International CC 55-0 off 6 overs (Ankit 33*, Gaurav 13*, Ankit 3-4)
Rhône CC 54-10 off 20 overs (Martin 22)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 10 wickets
Man of the match: Ankit Sharma

                                                 2012  ACTIVITIES

GICC First XI of 2012.

GICC Cricket Festival (T20,11 a side,
 4 clubs)
26 Aug.GICC vs Cern CCFriendlyBout-du-Monde
5 AugustUprising CC vs GICC LeagueVernier
29 JulyGICC vs Swiss T20     tbcBout-du-Monde
15 JulyGICC vs Swiss Colts LeagueBout-du-Monde
7 JulyGICC (168 ao) vs Bern CC (207-7)FriendlyBout-du-Monde
1 JulyBern CC vs GICC LeagueRained-offMarzili (BE)
24 JuneGICC (237-7) vs Cossonay CC (241-6)LeagueBout-du-Monde
10 JuneGXISCC vs GICC LeagueRained-offLes Evaux
3 JuneGICC vs Cern CCLeagueRained-offBout-du-Monde
27 MayGICC vs Bern CCFriendlyCancelledBout-du-Monde
20 MayCossonay CC (168 ao) vs GICC (99 ao)FriendlyCossonay (VD)
29 AprilCern CC (153 ao) vs GICC (118 ao)FriendlyEn Prévessin
8 AprilGICC vs. Power Winterthur CC FriendlyRained-offBout-du-Monde
1 AprilGICC (241 ao) vs. Rhône CC (244-10)FriendlyBout-du-Monde
1 AprilGICC Indoor PracticeBout-du-Monde
20 Febr.GICC Indoor PracticeBout-du-Monde
19 Febr.GICC Indoor PracticeBout-du-Monde
8 Jan.GICC Indoor PracticeBout-du-Monde

                                             2011  ACTIVITIES

GICC First XI of 2011.

17-18 Sept.   GICC Cricket Festival (T20 with Cern CC, Nestle CC, Rhône CC & GICC)TrmentRained-offBout-du-Monde
11 Sept.GICC (124-5) vs. GSLCC (71 ao)  T20   WonBout-du-Monde
4 Sept.Rhône CC vs. GICC (205-6 off 25 ov.)FriendlyRained-offLyon (Fance)
14 Aug.GICC (140-1) vs Cern CC (139 ao)Friendly   WonBout-du-Monde
24 JulyGICC (269-6) vs Nestle CC (152 ao)Friendly   WonBout-du-Monde
29 MayGeneva CC (301 ao) vs GICC (320-9)League   WonBout-du-Monde
22 MayBasel CC (90 ao) vs. GICC (86 ao)20/20T   LostBachgraben
15 MayGICC (106-2) vs. Alpine CC (104 ao)Friendly   WonBout-du-Monde
1rst MayCern CC (161 ao) vs. GICC (203-10)Friendly   WonEn Prévessin
17 AprilGICC (285 ao) vs. Rhône CC (104 ao)Friendly   WonBout-du-Monde
10 AprilGICC (384-8) vs. Nestle CC (210 ao)  Friendly   WonBout-du-Monde
3 AprilGICC (299 ao) vs. Basel CC (301-6)     Friendly   LostBout-du-Monde
27 MarchGICC Indoor PracticeBout-du-Monde
20 Febr.National Team Indoor TrainingBout-du-Monde
19 Febr.GICC Indoor PracticeBout-du-Monde
9 Jan.GICC Indoor PracticeBout-du-Monde

May 29, 2011 – League match Geneva CC (301 ao) vs. Geneva International CC (320-9):
GICC beat GCC by 19 runs.

GICC won the toss and elected to bat. The opening pair Vamsy (59) and Mansoor (32) got GICC off to a flying start with Mansoor keeping solidly his stand to allow Vamsy tickling regularly the scoreboard before they successively got out in the 12th over. Kuldeep came and went for 8, being caught in the deep. Despite a rib injury, Zahid (53) then came to the crease and stood firm during 20 overs to build a formidable partnership with Aditya (27), Baskar (21) and Amandeep. When Zahid was given LBW off Aamir in the 35th over, GICC scores read 262 for 6. But Amandeep was still motoring hitting straight sixies and boundaries while Farhan and Balihar chipped in useful runs. Amandeep was unbeaten at the close of the 40th over with 92 runs off 44 balls to see GICC posting an impressive target of 320 for 9.  

GCC started the chase and reached 78 before their opening partnership was broken in 10th over when Khurram was caught at short cover by GICC’s Aditya off Farhan (8-0-58-2). Then came quick succession of fall of two wickets: Anil (5-0-35-3) got GCC’s first down batsman LBW for 1 and Aman (4-1-37-2) got Aamir caught for nought at deep point by Ahmad. That left GCC on 82 for 3 in the 12th over. Ahmad then got the prized wicket of GCC’s star batsman who was out rather cheaply, being caught at cover by Mansoor. The fifth wicket followed when Baskar (4-0-39-1) got GCC’s Anser (45) finally caught behind in the 18th over. Kuldeep (7-0-46-1) masterly got GCC Captain scalp for 3 in having him caught at short cover by Aman. Two other falls of wickets for only 17 runs left GCC on the brink of loosing heavily to GICC team. Kamran Dar (53) was the mainstay for GCC before he was caught-and-bowled by Aman on 27th over. At that point, GCC scores read 212 for 9. Finally GCC survived three missed catches, dropped in the deep by Krishna, to finish 301 all out in 37.5 overs. GICC bowlers were once again up to their mark, Anil being the leading wicket taker with three wickets from his 5 allocated overs, and Kuldeep catching the winning ball off Anil bowling to finish GCC.

 Man of the match: Amandeep Singh for his 92 runs and 2 wickets.

May 22, 2011 - T20 Tournament, Bachgraben. The third match between Geneva International CC and Basel CC was pretty close match. Basel CC (90 ao by the 17th over) beat GICC (86 ao) by 4 runs.

Having won the toss, Basel elected to bat. The opening partnership was broken early by GICC bowlers Anil (4-0-15-2) and Farhan (3-0-10-1) who bowled in excellent line and length. The turning point of the game that boosted GICC team was when Basel top batsman Zaheer was caught by Amandeep off Anil in the 5th over. Wickets then came in quick succession and by the end of 10 overs Basel was 79 for 5. GICC bowlers maintained their discipline and were very consistent. Basel middle order was destroyed by excellent bowling from Zahid (4-1-14-4) who took 4 wickets by conceding just 14 runs from his spell which included a spectacular double wicket-maiden and a caught and bowled. Kuldeep did good job behind the wickets and fielding was up to the mark with Amandeep taking three prized catches during the innings. Basel finished all out for 90 runs.

With a target of 91 runs to win, GICC batsmen opened the innings in a disastrous note. Opener Aditya was out for nought in the first over, soon followed by Amandeep who was out on one and by skipper Kuldeep who was caught off his first ball for nought. Basel bowling got the ball to swing a lot which devastated the GICC batting line up. It succeeded to restraint GICC to modest runs scored by opener Vamsy (10) who managed to stay almost till the 15th over, Zahid (11), Baskar (10), Sachin (10) and Farhan (14) who came down the order and hit some boundaries to fight back hard. The end was pretty much close as it came down to the last ball with 4 runs to draw. Pressure was at its high as the last over had a boundary scored by Farhan but he was given LBW on the very last ball of the innings.

May 15, 2011 – Friendly game GICC (106-2) vs. Alpine CC (104 ao): GICC won by 8 wickets

GICC was put to field and made full use of the overcast and damp conditions. Ahmad had a fine hostile opening spell of 4-1-10-1 and picked up a wicket as well as taking a catch off Anil’s bowling. Farhan (5-0-22-3) cut through the opposition batting line with 3 wickets including a fine boundary catch for Sachin. Alpine’s wickets kept falling some for nought and others with single digit figures. Sachin took Alpine’s last wicket off his first ball in the innings to leave Alpine CC all out for 104 runs in the 24th over.

Two sudden showers later, Mansoor (22) and Aditya (39) opened GICC innings and put on a brisk 74 before both fell in the 14th over to a catch off Alpine’s Imran. It was left to Kuldeep (29 not out) and Sachin (3 not out) to rush to the finish as their side passed Alpine total in 18 overs and won the game with 8 wickets in hand.

Man of the match: Farhan Khan for his 3 wickets.

May 1rst,
2011 – 12 a side friendly game Cern CC (161 ao) vs. GICC (203-10): GICC won by 42 runs.

The GICC openers got off to a flyer with a fine opening partnership of 84 inside 16 overs before Vamsy (54) got caught at fine leg off Cern’s Elvin. When Mansoor (24) was stumped soon after tea break, three successive lbws given by their teammate to Newton (10), Kuldeep (17) and Ali left the score at 127-5. Aditya then came to the crease and anchored the last 15 overs with cautious batting to support his fellows batsmen who chipped in useful runs that brought GICC total to a competitive 203 for 10 from the allotted 40 overs. GICC’s Aditya remained unbeaten with 33 runs.

Cern CC started their innings disastrously, as their openers were respectively caught and clean bowled off Vamsy (8-1-23-4) for 2 runs in the 2nd over. D’Mello (55) and Chatoo (15) revived some hope for Cern. But their middle order all fell cheaply to the bowling of Ahmad (7-2-23-1) and Farhan (5-1-21-1) and to GICC fielders who engineered three run-outs that left Cern score reduced to 104-7 in the 20th over. D’Mello survived three missed catches in the deep from GICC to ultimately get caught at mid-off by Anil off Baskar (4-0-24-1) in the 31rst over. After Cern’s Shazad (21) was out lbw to Ahmad, GICC skittled the last four wickets for 7 runs to see Cern finished on 161 all out.

Man of the match: Vamsy Krishna for his 54 runs and four wickets.

Many thanks to the Chatoo family for the delicious tea and to Cern CC for the game played in a warm friendly spirit. That’s cricket!

April 17, 2011 – 12 a side friendly  game GICC (285 ao) vs. Rhône CC (104 ao):
GICC won by 181 runs.  

 GICC Skipper elected to bat with changes in his team batting order. The top-order batsmen did not stand the test as GICC was three wickets down for 64 runs in the tenth over. The middle-order batsmen then came up with a cautious batting display to amass a steady stream of runs: Newton (19) and Aman (59) stabilized the ship with a 51-run stand before the latter was caught off Rhône’s Genil. Zahid (42) played a measured innings before he was given lbw to Rhône’s Peter in the 36th over and provided good support to his teammates to keep the scores tickling regularly. Vamsy (34) coming in unsually as seven and Rajesh (19) contributed to finalize the target of 285 to Rhône CC.

Rhône’s reply faltered at the start of their innings in losing three wickets for 7 runs against GICC’s opening bowlers Ahmad (4-0-10-1) and Vamsy (4-0-17-1). Rhône’s middle-order batsmen failed to cope with following GICC’s bowlers who maintained disciplined lines and lengths. Farhan economical bowling (4-0-7-0) contributed to slow dramatically the opposition scoring. Soon Rhône lost three more wickets to leave them reeling on 73-6 at the drinks interval. Soon after drinks, they lost their 7th at 99 in the 22nd over. The 23rd over belong to Newton (2-0-13-4) who produced a four wickets maiden haul including a hattrick that sent Rhône CC crashed out finishing more than 180 runs shy of the target.

Man of the match: Renold Newton for his hattrick in a four wickets maiden haul.

April 10, 2011 – Friendly game GICC (384-8) vs. Nestle CC (210 ao): GICC won by 174 runs
It was a captain’s innings when GICC elected to bat. The team though gave itself a scarce at the start of the innings with two wickets down in the 2nd over for 11 runs. The middle order did try to recover with Newton (13) and Zahid (15) but when Asif got caught for nought, GICC was five wickets down for only 69 at the 10th over. Skipper Kuldeep (194) then took charge, using caution and aggression that earned him near double century before getting caught at sweeper cover. He was aptly supported by Ali (45) in a record partnership of 265 for the sixth wicket. Nestle CC bowled and played well but failed to break Kuldeep and Ali partnership till the 36th over. It was left to Baskar (23 not out) and Aman (8 not out) to contribute to a daunting total of 384 well beyond the reach of Nestle.

In reply, Nestle CC got off to a good start and reached 73 before the fall of the second wicket after 13 overs. Nestle’s opener Abhijith top-scored 40 before getting caught off Baskar. Then Nestle successive top-order batsmen lemminged themselves at the hands of Zahid Sayed (5-0-17-4) as he took a four-for inside three overs. Farhan (6-0-25-1) and Baskar bowling (4-0-15-1) were efficient to restrict further Nestle run rate. Some useful batting from Nestle’s Rajat (37) and Prashant (32) provided hope for the visitors but GICC’s bowling proved too strong for the tail-batsmen who were all dismissed for 210 in 32 overs.

Man of the match: Kuldeep Rawat for his 194 runs.

April 3rd, 2011 – Friendly game GICC (299 ao) vs. Basel CC (301 for 6): Basel won by four wickets.

The first game of the season saw GICC notch up 226 for 3 in 23 overs. Until that point, opener Vamsy Krishna who made 147 had looked invincible swatting straight sixes beyond the boundary as he and Kuldeep Rawat put on a partnership fireworks of 204 for the second wicket. When Vamsy (147) got caught off Jason and Kuldeep (70) fell to a catch at long on, the middle order tumbled to 259 for 7 after 32 overs. Basel’s bowler Sunny did the damage, whose three for 35 from his eight overs had the stranglehold effect on the GICC middle order. Baskar (21), Anil Kumar (15) were the only bats to score double-digit runs before Sandeep Venkata (10) fell in the 40th over to see GICC posting a target of 299 to Basel CC.

Zaheer Khan kept Basel alive almost single-handed and was the only bat to score till the 16th over, reaching his first century along his way. Aptly supported by Basel’s Saji (50 not out), Zaheer scored double century before he fell to a catch at deep square leg by Aman off Anil in the 33th over. By that time Basel’s score read 272 for 5. Kuldeep took another quick wicket and shored up his bowling and that of Vamsy to restrict runs of Basel lower order. Too late in the innings as Basel reached the target in the 39th over, a victory well-deserved with Zaheer’s awe-knock of 206.

                                             2010  ACTIVITIES

GICC First XI of 2010.

26 Sept.SCV Final: GSLCC vs. GICC LeagueRunners-upBout-du-Monde
19 Sept.SCV Semi-Final: GCC vs. GICC League   WonBout-du-Monde
GICC CRICKET FESTIVAL(Twenty20 with Cern CC, Nestlé CC, Rhône CC & GICC)Trnament  FinalistBout-du-Monde
15 AugustCern CC vs. GICCFriendlyRained-offEn Prévessin
1st AugustGICC (208-7) vs. Cern CC (206 ao)Friendly   WonBout-du-Monde
25 JulyGICC vs. Alpine CC (forfeited)League   WonBout-du-Monde
18 JulyGICC (117 ao) vs. GSLCC (119-5)League   LostBout-du-Monde
11 JulyZü Sri Lankans CC (forfeited) vs. GICCLeague   WonFronwald
4 JulyGICC (78) vs. Eagle CC (73 ao)League   WonBout-du-Monde
3 JulyTwenty/20 TournamentLeague Postpon.Basel
20 JuneCern CC (195-5) vs. GICC (194 ao)Friendly   LostEn Prévessin
13 JuneGICC (241-8) vs. Geneva CC (242-8)League   LostBout-du-Monde
6 JuneBasel CC (126 ao) vs. GICC (145 ao)League   WonBachgraben
23 MayGeneva CC (349 ao) vs. GICC (350-6)Friendly   WonBout-du-Monde
16 MayGICC (99 ao) vs. Geneva CC (306-8)Friendly   LostBout-du-Monde
25 AprilGICC vs. Cargill CCCancelledBout-du-Monde
18 AprilGICC (270 ao) vs. Rhône CC (215 ao)Friendly    WonBout-du-Monde
14 MarchGICC Indoor Practice Bout-du-Monde
28 FebrGICC Indoor Practice Bout-du-Monde
14 Febr.GICC Indoor Practice Bout-du-Monde
31 Jan. GICC Indoor Practice Bout-du-Monde

September 11-12, 2010 – Fourth GICC Cricket Festival, Twenty20 Tournament.

On a beautiful Saturday graced with azure skies, the first round got off to a punctual start with the morning game Cern CC vs. Nestlé CC. Nestle’s batters stuttered against some good bowling from Cern opening bowlers who prized 5 wickets for 23 in eight overs. Cern’s tight fielding added to Nestlé woes that finished all out for 82. Cern’s two opening batters reached the target in 9 overs. The game Rhône CC vs. GICC was closely fought after the lunch break. Rhône CC started well and opener John Trinité was cruising to 55 before getting caught in the 12th over. They batted steadily to amass a competitive total of 172 in 20 overs. In response, GICC gave themselves a scarce in having their top order batters dismissed cheaply. It was Suri Paladagu who was the stabilizing hero and together with Farhan they brought the team score to 145 for 6 in the 16th over. The 17th over was Suri’s one man show who hammered 5 sixes off six balls to achieve his second century of the season and to seal GICC victory by four wickets.    

Perfect conditions on Sunday saw off the morning game Nestlé CC vs. Rhône CC. Put to field, Nestlé CC produced a devastating bowling display and skittled Rhône batting line-up. Rajath took 2-8 and Adithya 2-9 while Anil Kumar picked 5 wickets and lured Rhône last batsman to a run-out. Shaun’s 22 and Alain’s 19 were Rhône top scores. Rhône CC finished 91 all out. Nestlé CC seemed to be in trouble at the start of their innings as two of their top order batsmen were dismissed for nought after an injury forced their opener to retire for 9. But the following unbeaten partnership between Adithya and Rohit ensured Nestlé CC victory in reaching the target of 92 with 7 overs to spare.

The Final was played by Cern CC vs. GICC. GICC elected to field and started well in dismissing both Cern’s openers at the 4th over. GICC bowling and fielding was not though up to the mark and many missed catches allowed Cern off the hook with the result that Cern’s following partnership could not be broken till the 16th over. By that time Cern scores read 164 for 4. Cern’s Imtiaz and Chattoo maintained the momentum and saw Cern total to 196 for 7 in the 20th over. GICC’s opener Ravi (43) put on a good stand with his top order teammates who succeeded to maintain a run rate of 10.2 an over till the 10th over. GICC was then 4 wickets down for 102 and they thought that Suri would have no trouble to keep the scoreboard tickling. He got caught at long-on for 14 and when Ravi was finally dismissed through a lucky catch in the deep, GICC scores was 118 in 12 overs. The middle order collapsed and the next 6 batsmen managed a mere 37 runs. GICC was 153 all out and Cern CC won the 2010 Twenty20 Tournament.

Results were as follows:

Cern CC (83) won by 10 wickets against Nestlé CC (82 all out)
Rhône CC (172 for 6) lost by 4 wickets to GICC (177 for 6)
Nestlé CC (92 for 2) won by 8 wickets against Rhône CC (91 all out)
Cern CC (196 for 7) won by 43 runs against GICC (153 all out)

Special mention of the Tournament
Best batsman: GICC’s Suri Paladagu
Best bowler: Nestlé’s Anil Kumar
Best fielder: Cern’s Imtiaz Ahmed

August 1rst, 2010 – Friendly game vs. Cern CC: GICC won by three wickets.
GICC lost the toss and was given first use of the new ball. Ahmad (3-0-22-1) took the first wicket in the 4th over in having Cern opener edge his ball to a catch by Imran at boundary. Cern other opener edged off Rajesh (7-0-29-2) ball through to keeper Kuldeep and left Cern total on 54 at the 10th over. Cern following partnership between McNaught and D. Bolton was tough to cut through untill the 29th over when Suri (8-0-36-2) and Zahid (7-0-39-3) got them successively well caught to leave Cern on 152. With Rajesh picking up another wicket and Zahid continuing his destructive spell with 2 more wickets, Cern was 7 down for 181 at the 35th over. Suri got the ninth wicket while Vamsy (6-1-29-2) was brought back into the attack to pick up 2 wickets in quick succession. Cern CC finished on 206 all out off 40 overs.       

After tea Kuldeep and Ravi opened up the innings for GICC. Kuldeep (42) fell in the 8th over to a catch off Claston and Ravi was bowled out for 16. Vamsy and Zahid were enticed by Claston to edge his ball to well catches and were dismissed for 6 and nought respectively. By then GICC score looked bleak with 84 for 4 at the 15th over. But when it was Raghu turn to come to the crease, he put on a solid partnership with Rajesh and Suri to allow GICC progressed steadily. Rajesh played some beautiful strokes hitting 6 sixies and 4 boundaries on his way to a fine 58 before getting caught by McNaught and Suri was on 14 when he got caught by the same fielder. GICC was on 202 by the time Raghu (30) was stumped and it was left to Sandeep and Ahmad to finish the job and secure GICC win on 208. GICC reached the target with still ten overs to spare.         

Man of the match: Rajesh Kumar for his 58 runs and 2 wickets for 29 runs in 7 overs.

July 25, 2010 – League game vs. Alpine CC that forfeited: GICC won the match.

July 18, 2010 – League game vs. GSLCC: GICC lost the match by five wickets.
GICC elected to bat and displayed the most stunning batting debacle to date. The three batsmen at top order were dismissed before the 10th over with Vamsy being bowled for 25, Ravi and Newton being caught for nought. Zahid steadied the ship in playing measurably, stopping the good balls, hitting the bad ones, supporting aptly his teammates in play. But except a small partnership with Suri (22), they successively got dismissed cheaply: Kuldeep (9), Raghu (6) and Sachin (5) got caught behind while Farhan was bowled out for nought. When Zahid (30) finally fell in the 26th over to a catch at backward point, the collapse was achieved in the 28th over with Sandeep being dismissed for nought. GICC was all out at 117.

In GSLCC innings, GICC bowlers staged the fight back with tight bowling. Vamsy (6-1-14-0) and Ahmad (4-0-15-0) bowling, though to no success, gave hopes to the team that they were still in the game. Newton (5-1-27-0) started well but his bowling tailed off in his last two overs without success. Adding to missed catches, they had to wait till the 10th over to have a breakthrough with Suri removing one of GSLCC opener in getting him caught behind. Suri then kept on cutting through the opposition batting order with 5 wickets including a fine boundary catch for Ahmad. GICC batting score was though too light to be defended and GSLCC was seen through to 119 for 5 in 25 overs.

The best bowling performance came from Suri Paladagu with 5 for 42. 

July 11, 2010 – League game vs. ZSLCC that forfeited: GICC won the match.

July 4, 2010 – League game vs. Eagle CC: GICC won by 10 wickets.
Eagles CC batted first and got a shaky start in having both their openers dismissed for nought in the 5th over. Satvinder (32) and Ravinder (30) batting gave a boost to their team till Ravinder was caught behind for 30 in the 13th over. GICC bowlers then ran through the opposition batting line up with much ease, getting Eagles batsmen LBW, bowled, stumped for nought. The highlights of GICC bowling were with Farhan who got 4 wickets off 5 overs, three of which were wicket maiden. Suri shared in the performances with 2 wickets for 9 in 4 overs, two of which were maiden. Eagles CC was 73 all out.  

When GICC went in to bat, Vamsy and Ravi kept the game to themselves and reached the target with Vamsy scoring a fiery 56 and Ravi playing the second fiddle with ease, rotating the score regularly for 18 runs. Ravi ended the innings with a fabulous six with a pull. GICC scored 78 runs in 8.1 overs with no wicket loss.

The better of the lot was a fine game which was played in warm friendly Spirit of Cricket by both sides.

June 13, 2010 – League match vs. Geneva CC: GICC lost by 2 wickets.
GICC batted in the first innings with Vamsy scoring 42 runs for the first wicket and Ravi 35 for the second one. After the openers were dismissed in the 15th over, the top order batsmen were delivering cautiously with Kuldeep (23), a good partnership between Zahid (41) and Raghu (32 declared) and Farhan (23) brought the team score to 196 for 4 in the 35th over. Then few quick wickets that started to fall from Newton (17), Ahmad (8) and Sachin who were dismissed for nought, sealed the GICC innings with 241 for 8.

The second innings was for a telling one where GICC took 11 wickets, should the match have been monitored by a neutral umpire. It was a well contained effort by the team and their bowling was up to the mark with the following wickets tally of Vamsy 2 for 25 , Ahmad 2 for 51, Farhan 1 with his fifth ball, Newton 1 for 23, Zahid 1 in conceding an unsual 52, and Raghu 1 for 33. GCC reached the target and won by two wickets.

June 6, 2010 – League match vs. Basel CC at Bachgraben: GICC won by 21 runs.
On a rain affected game, GICC win was powered by their inspiring Captain/wicketkeeper Kuldeep. Rawat. The leading scorers for GICC being Vamsy 46 & Kuldeep 36, with Chris bagging 3/19 in 4 overs & Vikas 3/39 in 7 overs for Basel CC. When compared to GICC previous scores, this was a meek surrender by their batsmen who complimented the opposition with quick wickets and a lousy runout for the opposition's somewhat wicket to wicket bowling. GICC was 145 all out.

Nevertheless GICC bowlers and fielders did compensate for the previous donated gifts. They bowled a good length and bowled for their field: the opposition batsmen were coughed for their runs by the field placement. This all round effort helped to stop their opponents to score freely or rotate their strike until a lazy Zaheer opened up (72 out) and started to find the ropes in regular intervals in partnership with Gareth. The turning point came with the stumping of Gareth by Kuldeep. This revitalized the team effort and in a few overs with crumbling wickets and stumpings GICC were back in the game and his scores read 112 for 8 before the rain interrupted the game.. When the game restarted, Farhan & Newton finished it with a splendid bowling and catch. Basel CC was all out for 126.

The GICC captain has to be credited for his inspiring keeping and can rightly be adjuleged the man of the match for making his team win a low scoring match. Others like GICC's allround effort by Vamsi, Farhan's bowling saved the day for the visitors.

Man of the Match: Captain Kuldeep Rawat

May 23, 2010 – Friendly match vs. GCC: GICC beat Geneva CC by four wickets.
GICC was put in to field and started off on a positive note. Vamsy Khrisna struck in his first two overs to remove both GCC openers for nought while Ahmad Daqiqui got the 3rd wicket with the last ball in the 4th over. Then the wickets became more elusive to get till the 18th over when in succession Armughan and Saedd got caught off Suri Paladugu. Raghuveer Gayam  and Ahmad followed suit in getting 2 wickets a piece to see GCC on 330 for 9. Ahmad then got GCC top scorer caught by Faizan to leave GCC finished with 349 all out from 38 overs.   

Everyone would think 349 a daunting target to reach. But the GICC team seemed never in doubt in building up the best chasing score of its club history. After GICC opener being dismissed cheaply at the 2nd over, Farhan Khan (38) and Kuldeep Rawat (56) steadied the ship with a good partnership that lead the score past the 100 mark before they were caught on the boundary off Ansar. GICC progressed well with another splendid 133 partnership between Vamsy and Suri when Vamsy (62) got clean bowled by a full swing ball. By then GICC scores read 255 for 5 off 33 overs. The last 7 overs belonged to Suri (137) who got his century against GCC and who was aptly supported by Raghuveer (20 not out): Suri thrashed the ball to sixies and boundaries using the aerial route to score his runs and brought his team to the brink of victory. Uncontrolled bowling from Rizwan of GCC in the 40th over saw Sachin Sharma hitting the winning shot with still 4 balls to spare. GICC closed on 350 for 6.

Man of the Match: Suri Paladagu for the 137 runs.

May 16, 2010 – Friendly match vs. GCC: GICC lost to Geneva CC by 207 runs.
GCC won the toss and choose to bat first. Though Vamsy got GCC opener LBW already at the 3rd over, GICC bowlers could not further restrict GCC main batsman to lead their team well into 229 runs before Kuldeep got Aamir (69) caught behind. With Vamsy scalping 3 for 46 and Suri making the only maiden over of the innings, added to poor fielding with 7 catches dropped out of 9, GICC team was faced with the target of 306 to reach.

In the second innings, GICC failed to make a good start. Both openers got out on 4th over followed by loss of wickets in quick succession, three of them for nought. The top and middle order slump was compensated by a small stand by Kuldeep (36) and Ahmad (27) lower down the order, but in vain. Aamir from GCC took 3 wickets for 19 with the rest of the flock following suit to comprehensively bowl out GICC team for 99.

April 18, 2010 – Friendly match vs. Rhône CC: GICC beat Rhône CC by 55 runs.
Winning the toss, GICC elected to bat. GICC started with a good first and second wicket partnership with Vamsy the leading scorer in a brilliant 74 and being aptly supported by Newton (31) and Raghu (45). Vamsy hit seven sixies and two boundaries off 29 balls to reach the first fifty of the season. Later Suri scored a valuable 32 runs before he got caught by Tom off Jagan. Tom with 3 wickets for 44 and John with 3 wickets for 36 stood out in the bowling side’s .The final scores of GICC read 270 all out.

In the second innings, Rhone CC were bowled out for 215 with the run getters being John with 83, Mortsen 40 and Roy 26 for their side. They were comprehensively bowled out by the GICC bowlers. As his usual, Zahid (7-0-40-3) was most successful in bowling a well controlled line and length. Followed  Amad 3 for 40, Vamsy 2 for 28, Newton 1 for 23, and Suri 1 for 24, respectively.

Man of the Match: Vamsy Krishna for the 74 runs and 2 wickets for 28 runs. 

                                                2009  ACTIVITIES

GICC First XI of 2009.

05-06 SEP. GICC CRICKET FESTIVAL Twenty/20 Tournament Bout-du-Monde
30 AUG.  GICC (211 ao) vs. UK Radio News CC (120 ao) Friendly    WonBout-du-Monde
09 AUG. GICC (128-3) vs. Cern CC (123 ao) League    WonBout-du-Monde
02 AUG. GSLCC (139 ao) vs. GICC (140-5) League   WonBout-du-Monde
26 JULY Cern CC (125 ao) vs. GICC (296-8) League   WonEn Prévessin
18 JULYGICC (96 ao) vs. GCC (98-7)League   LostBout-du-Monde
12 JULYSwiss U19s (196 ao) vs. GICC (308 ao)League   WonEn Prévessin
11 JULYPower Winterthur CC vs. GICCFriendly CancelledBout-du-Monde
28 JUNEGICC (202 ao) vs. GXISCC (225 ao)League   LostBout-du-Monde
21 JUNEGXISCC (270-9) vs. GICC (250-9)League   LostLes Evaux (Onex)
14 JUNEGICC (170-9) vs. Swiss U19s (124 ao)League   WonBout-du-Monde
07 JUNEGCC (230 ao) vs. GICC (193 ao)League   LostBout-du-Monde
31 MAYGICC (184 ao) vs. PWCC (222 ao)Friendly   LostBout-du-Monde
24 MAYGICC (156-6) vs. GSLCC (155 ao)League   WonBout-du-Monde
16 -17 MAYGICC CRICKET SHOWExpositionSuccessfulFête des Sports
17 MAYCern CC (157 ao) vs. GICC (111 ao) Friendly    LostEn Prévessin (FR)
09 MAYGICC (260-6) vs. Cargill CC (168 ao)Friendly    WonBout-du-Monde
02 MAYGSLCC (143 ao) vs. GICC (255-9) Friendly    WonBout-du-Monde
26 APRILGICC vs. Zug CCFriendlyCancelledBout-du-Monde
18 APRILGICC (202 ao) vs. Rhône CC (174 ao)Friendly    WonBout-du-Monde
29 MARGICC Indoor PracticeBout-du-Monde
01 MARGICC Indoor PracticeBout-du-Monde
15 FEBGICC Indoor PracticeBout-du-Monde
01 FEBGICC Indoor PracticeBout-du-Monde

May 17, 2009 – Friendly match vs. Cern CC lost by GICC by 46 runs. GICC was put to field and it took the best out of a Cern ground whose outfield was rarely grassy. Ahmad Daqiqui (8-0-47-4) led the attack in getting one of Cern’s opener caught by Anurag Upadhyay in the 7th over while the other opener was caught behind for 13 off Zahid Sayed (6-0-16-2). Muzammil Muneer (8-1-36-1) got Alec stumped. Good fielding from GICC team brought down 4 wickets within a span of five overs while Ahmad and Zahid grabbed the two last wickets to leave Cern CC on a reachable total of 157.
GICC team was in control for the 20 first overs with its top order reaching double digit figures in batting. Zahid - top-scoring with an unbeaten 38 – stayed at wicket throughout the innings and could have scored better, had GICC middle order played more intelligently. Instead they tossed away their wickets with Asad Shah being caught behind for 1 while Anurag did not even manage to face a ball before he was clean bowled. Then Mustaffa was caught for 1 and GICC two last batsmen failed to make their ground for nought. The team score slumped thus to 111 all out in reply to Cern CC total of 157 all out.

May 9, 2009 – Friendly match vs. Cargill CC in 32 overs won by GICC by 102 runs. GICC innings got a flying start with Vamsy Bagathi (63) and Mansoor Ahmed (54) building the foundation with a partnership stand of 113 in 20 overs. Zahid Sayed (15) was trapped off the last ball of the 22th over while Kuldeep Rawat (48 not out ) and Newton Edwin (24 not out) put on an unbeaten partnership in the final ten overs to bring GICC score to a challenging total of 260 for 6.
In Cargill innings, Asad Shah (5-0-17-2) got to work immediately, removing the openers in having them caught by Kuldeep and Ahmad for nine. One run-out later leftt Cargill CC at 37 for 3 off 10 overs. Then their wickets were proving elusive to get until Sikandar Raja (5-0-19-3) came on to bowl and using the faithful full toss he had Harpreett bowled and he had successively Berry and Ali caught by Wasim Khan. GICC’s Zahid (3-2-2-1) bowled an immaculate spell of 3 overs for 2 runs while also dismissing John in a wicket maiden over. Bilal Zafar (1-0-0-2) brilliantly wrapped up the tail in clean bowling the two Cargill’s last batsmen with still one ball to go in his lone allotted over.

May 2, 2009 – Friendly match vs. Gva Sri Lankan CC won by GICC by 112 runs.
GICC team again started badly their innings in tossing away 2 wickets for 2 runs in two overs. But then Kuldeep Rawat popped up to stage a fight back: he played some lovely lofted shots and cracked a few flowing drives to hit fifteen boundaries before being given leg-before-wicket for 165. Zahir Khan settled in well and reached a composed 46 to take his team score past the 200-runs mark. Ahmad Daquiqi and Sikandar Raja battings added to set the target to 255 for 9. GSLCC lost five wickets inside the first 12 overs of their reply as batsman after batsman came and went cheaply. Devastating spells from Anurag Upadhyay (5-1-9-3) and Ahmad Daquiqi (4-0-17-3, including 2 wickets in 2 balls) saw GSLCC struggle to 30 for 4 off 10 overs. They slumped to 54 for eight against the pace of Asad Shah before Lassanta (36 not out) came to his team’s rescue. GSLCC last batsman’s dismissal, caught behind without scoring by a diving Mansoor Ahmed off Ahmad, left their final score to 143 all out after 24 overs.

April 18, 2009 – Friendly match vs. Rhône CC won by GICC by 28 runs
: GICC was wobbling from the start of their innings, losing two quick wickets in the first three overs. Vamsy Bagathi then steadied the ship with a stand of 58 and the rest of the batsmen kept the momentum going with two digit figures to lift GICC total to 202 before tea time.
Rhône CC got a shaky start as Anurag Upadhyay clean bowled one of their openers in the first over of their innings. He continued his spell to remove the three top batsmen in his alloted 5 overs, one of which was a wicket maiden. Asad Shah figures of one for 23 off 7 overs helped restrict the visitor’ scores. Zahid Sayed bowled an immaculate spell of 5 overs for 14 runs while also grabbing two wickets. Newton Edwin then got the visitors’ top scorer caught and bowled to usher in the victory of GICC team with 18 balls to spare.

                                            2 0 0 8   ACTIVITIES

GICC First XI of 2008.

DATE                  TEAMS    TYPERESULT     VENUE
20-21 SEPGICC (273-5) CRICKET FESTIVALTournament  FinalistBout-du-Monde
30 AUG.GICC (167-4) vs. Rhône CC (165-4)Friendly   WonBout-du-Monde
27 JULYGICC (225 ao) vs. Cern CC (227-7)Friendly   Lost En Prévessin
06 JULYRhône CC vs. GICC FriendlyRained-off Bron (France)
28 JUNECern CC (158-9) vs. GICC (136 ao)League   Lost En Prévessin
01 JUNECossonay CC(153-5) vs.GICC(150ao)Friendly   LostCossonay(VD)
25 MAYGICC (139-9) vs. GXISCC (271-9)League   LostBout-du-Monde
18 MAYGICC vs. GCCLeagueNo resultBout-du-Monde
12 MAYGICC (300-8) vs. Power Winterthur
CC (301-6)
Friendly   LostBout-du-Monde
04 MAYGSLCC (174 ao) vs. GICC (221-8)League   WonBout-de-Monde
26 APRILGICC (420-6) vs. Rhône CC (114 ao)Friendly   WonBout-du-Monde
13 APRILCossonay CC(197-7) vs.GICC(153ao)Friendly   LostCossonay (VD)
12 APRILSFocus Umpiring CourseTrainingLes Vernets
30 MAR  GICCIndoor PractBout-du-Monde
09 MAR  GICCIndoor PractBout-du-Monde
23 FEB Näfels Indoor Cricket TournamentCompetitionCancelledZug (Glarus)
10 FEB  GICCIndoor PractBout-du-Monde
03 FEB  GICCIndoor PractBout-du-Monde

April 26, 2008: GICC displayed real good cricket in the first match at home played against Rhône CC. A French cricket club from Lyon. GICC bagged a few records on the way to victory.

GICC innings got off to a flying start, with Bilal Zafar (29) and Zahid Sayed (77) thrashing the ball to all corners. Captain Kamran Muhammad led from the front, smashing an unbeaten double century and sweeping twenty one sixies and fifteen fours off 74 balls. He kept the scoreboard ticking in a record partnership with Zahid. As the 255 runs partnership was brought up, U18 Ali Nasir (45) joined in the  scoring, hitting two sixes and one four in the first over. By the 40th over, GICC team has piled up 420 for 6 zooming along at an astonishing run-rate of 10.5.

Rhône CC innings was then kept under control by GICC bowlers. Tariq Khan was GICC most successful bowler with impressive figures of four for 16 off 7 overs while Ahmad Daqiqui spells gave a three-wickets haul off 4 overs, one of which was a wicket maiden. Asad Shah and Anurag Upadhyay contributed with tight bowling to see their side over the moon as they totally dominated the second innings to leave Rhône CC on 114 all out.

Captain Kamran innings has set a few records for GICC: The All-time highest winning team score of 420-6 in Swiss cricket, the record partnership by 255 runs between Kamran Muhammad and Zahid Sayed and last but not least, Kamran Muhammad individual record of 201 not out.

It is worth to stress that the game was played in the best cricket sportsmanship as GICC Umpire Sarosh Khan had given with authority two LBW to his team mates and Rhône CC Umpire did likewise with one LBW handed out.

May 12, 2008: This friendly game GICC vs. Power Winterthur CC was played in the best spirit and to a high standard. It was graced throughout with the presence of the GICC President and some Executive members who hosted a delicious lunch between the two innings.

GICC choice to bat backfired as it lost two wickets in the first three overs. Zahid steadied then the ship in staying at wicket and through three partnerships to take the score past the 240-runs mark before being caught at cover. On the same token, the middle order and a reliable lower order proved their worth in building a firm foundation for a healthy first innings of 301 all out.

Power Winterthur CC lost four wickets inside the first 15 overs of their reply before battling to reach 225 for 6 after 30 overs. Ishfaq‘s heroics with the bat (90) helped his team reach the target with two overs to spare. Ahmad was the pick of GICC bowlers with 4-26 off 6 overs.

May 18, 2008: The League match GICC vs. GCC could be reported in one sentence: as GCC breached the SCA Competition rules in playing unregistered players in a League match, they were punished with 20 points deducted and the match was counted as a no result match for GICC.

June 28, 2008: GICC was put to field in the League match Cern CC vs. GICC played during a fine hot summer day. GICC team immediately made in-roads into Cern batting line up: Captain Kamran took 3 wickets in 4 overs to remove cheaply Cern top batsmen. Asad Shah tight bowling (8-2-1-18) helped to keep in check Cern run rate. Tariq Ahmed followed suit from his skipper to get another 3 wickets in 4 overs with his faithful bowling to leave Cern in disarray on 99 for 7. Ahmad Daqiqui used his full toss to have Cern skipper caught and Ali Nasir struck in his second over to get another wicket to leave Cern CC on a final total of 158 for 9.

GICC team was confident that this was an attainable target but their reply faltered when they lost the first two wickets for just 20 runs in the 5th over. This heralded the collapse of their team mates: except Ali who tried to steady the innings with a stand of 29, all came and went cheaply without staging a fight back and GICC was eventually bowled out for 136 to concede a 22 run victory to Cern CC.

                                                 2007  ACTIVITIES

GICC XI of 2007.

DATE                        TEAMSTYPE/RESULT         VENUE
1-2 Sep GICC CRICKET FESTIVAL - Twenty20 TournamentBout-du-Monde
25 AugGICC vs.Power Winterthur CCF - LostBout-du-Monde
19 AugGICC – WINTERTHUR CCF - CancelledBout-du-Monde
12 AugGICC vs. SRI LANKAN GVA CC   L- LostBout-du-Monde
22 JulGICC versus GENEVA CC   L- LostBout-du-Monde
14 JulGICC – FREIBURG NOMADS CC (Germany)F- CancelledBout-du-Monde
8 JulSRI LANKAN GVA CC vs. GICCL- RainedBout-du-Monde
24 JunGICC versus CERN CC   L- LostBout-du-Monde (
16 JunLODI Twenty20 TOURNAMENT T- FinalsLodi (ITALY)
3 JunGICC – VILLARS CC  F- WonBout-du-Monde
27 MayCern CC versus GICCL- LostCern (Fr)
13 MayGENEVA CC versus GICCL- LostBout-du-Monde
6 MayGICC – ZÜRICH UBFS CC   F- LostBout-du-Monde
29 AprCOSSONAY CC - GICC F- LostCossonay (VD)

September 1-2, 2007: The GICC Cricket Festival was organized to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of its foundation. It was an eventful day also including coverage from a TV channel and an interview on cricket in Geneva. The Festival was attended by Cossonay CC, Geneva Sri Lankan CC, Villars & Châblais CC together with GICC in a Twenty/20 Tournament that lasted two days at the Bout-du-Monde ground. Geneva Sri Lankan CC grabbed the winner of the Tournament position. GLSCC, smashing score of 163 for 6 in a thrilling Final was partly covered by Leman Bleu Television and shown in the Sports News of the channel. It was a perfect event to bring GICC cricket season to the close.

August 12, 2007: There was some pretty good cricket on display in the League match GICC versus GSLCC and the new record achieved by GICC Skipper David Bolton stood to be the highlight of the match.

The limelight was up on David Bolton who performed brilliantly and carried his bat from the first ball till the last one off 40 overs for 148 not out. The Captain took 21 balls to strike his first six and then paced afterwards expertly his century. He faced ten bowlers from the opposition without being once in trouble in the course of his innings. He was always in control, keeping his end tight and building partnerships with his team-mates each time to be around to finish things off in style with three sixes and one four in the 40th over. By then, he had swept ten sixes and twelve fours in his amazing century.

The Captain innings was one that set as well a sounding record. David Bolton of GICC (CHB 148 not out off 40 overs in 2007) had by and large broken the record held for 22 years by Brian Bailey of Winterthur CC (CHB 42 not out in 1985).

July 22, 2007: In the League match GICC versus GCC, GCC won the toss and elected to bat with the outfield still very soggy from the night rain.They exploited the conditions to build up a total of 350 for 8.

Zahid Sayed (8-0-24-4) magnificent spells that ensured a four-wicket haul over the strong opposition, Sateesh Narayanan wicket maiden (4-1-13-1) and Manu Thomas Vaidyan’s two prized wickets grab were so good contributions that allowed some hope to the team. It was not meant to be: Producing surprisingly a welter of short balls, Khurram Malik’s deliveries were clubbed for 7 sixies and 6 fours in his 5 allotted overs, having thus conceded an average of 14 runs per over and squandering whichever advantages the team effort had gathered.

Chasing 350 was then a challenge beyond the GICC batting effort. Sateesh Narayanan and David Bolton were the only batsmen to secure a double-digit score while four of their team-mates were ducked hopelessly to see the team defeat sealed by a wide margin.  

June 24, 2007: Third League match GICC vs. Cern CC with poor results for the host on its home ground. After a watchful start where scoring was slow, the GICC top order players succumbed to a series of rash shots and lost three early wickets. From that point, the match continued to slide as its middle order players all started well then failing to reach double figures and the last three wickets went down quickly for 16 runs. GICC reached the rather low total of 120 all out off 37 overs.

Cern CC seemed to be heading for a certain victory as their opening pair reached half of the target to win before the partnership was broken. Cern CC added some lusty blows to wrap up the win by eight wickets off 12.5 overs.

June 16 - 17, 2007: GICC formed with Cossonay CC the XI from Switzerland to compete against three other teams from France and Italy in the International Twenty20 Cricket Festival that took place on the Radish Ground in Lodi (Italy).

GICC / Cossonay CC (123 – 8) defeated UK Subs CC (82 – 8) in the first group stage to reach the Finals. Playing then Entrecasteaux CC from France,  GICC / Cossonay CC (117 -6) put on a good match that saw though Entrecasteaux CC (118 – 6) win in a tight finish. The XI from Switzerland did not win the Tournament Trophy but most players were happy to be involved in a close and exciting encounter across the borders with some European teams. 

June 3, 2007: The friendly match GICC vs Villars & Châblais CC at the Bout-du-Monde was played on the declaration mode. GICC elected to bat and took off to a good start with an opening partnership that yielded 58 runs. Its middle order players then built on steadily with Khurram Malik (50 not out ) and Zahid Sayed (57) who hit six boundaries and three sixes before succumbing to a tame run out. The final score was taken past the 200-runs mark and GICC declared at 208 – 5.  

As Villars & Châblais CC began to chase down 208 in the remaining hour, plus the mandatory final 20 overs, GICC maintained pressure on the opposition batsmen with tight and sharp bowling. Besides Sateesh Narayanan (7-2-5-0) dream bowling figures, the GICC spinners put on a show early in the opposition innings. Raghuram Thumarakotti (7-3-19-2) and Manu Thomas Vaidyan (4-3-6-2) concurred to restrict Villars & Châblais CC scoring at little more than 2 runs per over before Zahid Sayed (6-1-6-5) bowled out the tail to usher in GICC victory by 140 runs.  

May 27, 2007: In the League match Cern CC versus GICC  , GICC was put in to bat under dark cloud cover. Added to an excellent fielding, Cern CC well-oiled bowling attack cracked GICC top order with a couple of early wickets. Apart from Jeethu Joseph the one batsman who had carefully negotiated 27 runs that came off as many balls, the rest of the line-up continued the single-digit mode to be all out for 115. It was easy for Cern CC to chase this score and to win the match by six wickets with still fifteen overs to spare. Once more on Cern home ground, Raheel Malik of GICC stood out in sustaining the club record of grabbing four wickets off his alloted eight overs in the opponent’s innings.  

May 13, 2007 – Geneva CC  played the League match versus GICC . Though it was a good toss to win, GICC opening line-up could not hold for long and the mid-order took to task but was all out for 126 in 31overs. GICC team gave it all on the field and put up a good fight. GICC bowlers fearlessly managed to bowl out the Geneva CC top order before the latter reached the target to win by five wickets. It is worth to point out that the newly formed GICC team has a bright prospect this season and is cut out to improve its performance over the previous years.

May 6, 2007: At the friendly match GICC vs. UBFS CC at the Bout-du-Monde, GICC having won the toss & chose to bat. Excellent fielding from UBFS CC took its toll on the GICC line-up and with UBFS’s Usman mopping up five wickets in a short spell, GICC team was all out for the modest total of 123 in 26 overs. UBFS team comfortably reached the target to win the match by 6 wickets in 23 overs. Relief to GICC team performance was brought by Raghuram Thumarakotti who took two wickets in two overs and by Syed Sharifuddin who picked up a wicket in his first ball.  

April 29, 2007: The friendly match Cossonay CC vs GICC on the lovely ground of En Marché began under clear blue sky and sunshine that saw Cossonay CC won by 4 wickets just before a thunderstorm struck. Though losing early wickets, GICC’s middle order suceeded to score slowly and steadily to set the target at 161. GICC bowling’s attack was not sharp enough at the beginning of Cossonay CC’s innings to restrict its opening batsman who built up himself alone two-thirds of the winning target. The breakthrough came with the GICC spinners taking three successive wickets in 3 overs but too late to prevent Cossonay CC reaching the target to win. Manu Thomas Vaidyan’s bowling figures of 4-0-11-2 and Zahid Sayed’s of 3-1-6-1 are great promises for GICC varied bowling cards. 

April 21, 2007: Friendly 8-a-side vs. Geneva Sri Lankan CC that GICC won by 3 wickets off 11 overs. GICC bowlers dominated the game with pacer Raheel Malik grabbing two wickets from his two overs, one of which was a maiden wicket while spinner Zahid Sayed took one wicket from his unique over in conceading only one run. GICC reached easily the target with still four overs to spare and in keeping up a 5.8-an-over run rate

             2 0 0 4

             2 0 0 4 
July 04,2004 – ZURICH – Pickwick Cup Alpine against GICC.  The fourth-of July fireworks began with Apine batsman who showed a good performance in the field and scored 156 (all out).  GICC won the match by 5 wickets to get a seat in the quarter finals.

             2 0 0 3
        A C T I V T I E S

September 10, 2006: GICC played the friendly 8-a-side vs. Cargill CC with Skipper Rizwan Butt who led his team to victory through a soaring run-rate of 8.40 per over. Opener Raghuram Thumarakotti kick-started GICC innings with a four off the first ball and hit swiftly 48 before being bowled. GICC wrapped up the game with tight and penetrating swing that bowled Cargill CC all out. GICC won superbly the game by 66 runs off 14.2 overs.

August 20, 2006: In the League match GSLCC vs GICC, GSLCC again won the toss and elected to bat. Though aligning only 9 batsmen, GSLCC looked poised for a score in excess of 200 runs but at the end they were restricted to 188 ao after 39 overs with some good fielding and accurate bowling from GICC. Mounir Barone displayed impressive batting in GICC innings and fell only for a well earned 85. GICC passed the required score after 26 overs and won by 7 wickets.

August 5, 2006: Friendly match vs. Cargill CC that saw GICC started well with Mounir Barone hitting huge 6’s and Raghuram Thumarakotti keeping up the batting attack and reached respectively 75 and 65 before being bowled out. GICC set the target of victory to 220 that Cargill CC did not reach having a variable batting line within their team. GICC ran out winners by 140 runs.

July 23, 2006: The league match vs Geneva Sri Lankan CC was the third that GICC lost in the row. In GSLCC innings, their batsmen struggled to get runs against excellent fielding from GICC team that managed to restrict GSLCC to 78 runs for 9 wickets down off 18 overs. GICC advantage was then squandered with poor bowling and dropped catches that allowed GSLCC to score a total of 160 runs after 32 overs.

GICC started their innings badly, with the two openers Gihan and Raheel falling cheaply for 1 run and 2 runs respectively losing their wickets in the three first overs. Wickets started afterwards to tumble regularly with only Khurram putting up any resistance with 41 runs before being caught. GSLCC won the match by 46 runs.

July 16, 2006: Even having won the toss for a good start, GICC lost control of the League match Geneva CC vs GICC after a non-sensical batting collapse in the first innings. In the second innings, Raghuram Thumarakotti assisted by fine catches from the Maliks deep on the boundaries succeeded at least to take three GCC wickets and left the latter winning by seven wickets.

July 09, 2006: In the return League match GICC vs. Cern CC, the latter won the toss and elected to bat. Cern CC made steady progress against variable bowlings and gathered a score of 302. GICC innings was beleagued with a poor run rate that did not help the team reach the target with only a total of 185 off 40 overs. Thus Cern CC ran out winners by 117 runs.

June 18, 2006: A brief thunderstorm and rain during the League match Cern CC vs. GICC did not hamper its conclusion - GICC won by five wickets.

GICC won the toss and decided to field. Super fine catches and good fielding helped GICC to bring down Cern tenth wickets at 154 in 28 overs. The day's accolades went to Khurram Malik and Gihan Malawaarachi who took 4 Cern wickets each almost getting “hat trick” in 22nd & 23rd overs. Taking 3 wickets in 4 balls was quite an exciting moment. Despite Cern tight bowling, Raheel Malik put on a solid partnership with Khurram lifting GICC team well on track to reach the target needed with five wickets down.

4th June, 2006 : The friendly match GICC vs Villars & Châblais CC was played on the declaration mode at GICC home ground. Again GICC team was in full control of the game with Gihan Mallawaarachi and Khurram Malik recording the longest opening partnership at 120 runs. GICC declared at 236 for 6 wickets in 46 overs and Villars & Châblais CC scored 90 runs for 6 wickets in 26 overs when they had to leave. Thus match drawn.

 14th May, 2006 : On Cern nice home grounds, GICC won the friendly match with Cern CC by 8 wickets. Alwyn Fernandes from GICC team was named man of the match for an amazingly difficult catch at the ground boundary made it look so easy.

30th April, 2006: Thanks to Cossonay CC legendary hospitality, the friendly match Cossonay-GICC was played in good spirit by young talents from both team. The young players of GICC team were though pivotal in the match outcome that resulted in GICC winning over Cossonay CC by 6 wickets.”  

Mr. Peter Nixon has been elected as SCA President at the SCA Annual General Meeting on 18th March 2006. Mr. Nixon brings his vast experience in Swiss cricket and a vision to give it better visibility and development at home and abroad.

Though still in her first year within the SCA forum, Ms. Huong T. Huynh from GICC has been elected as SCA Honorary Secretary at the same General Meeting.

We wish both a fruitful season to steer the course of Swiss cricket to good ancrage.

July 04, 2004 – Zürich– Pickwick Cup Alpine against GICC.  The fourth-of July fireworks began with Apine batsman who showed a good performance in the field and scored 156 (all out).  GICC won the match by 5 wickets to get a seat in the quarter finals.

June 13, 2004 – Geneva – GICC vs Srilanka match started with SCC in the batting end. A good show by the opening batsmen but then came the express bowling of GICC that took the rest of bating order by surprise.  SCC were all out for 234.  The GICC opening line was struggling, however, the second & third down opened the doors to the winning score with the loss of 5 wickets. Not bad eh!

May 16, 2004 - CERN - After winning the toss, Cern decided to bat and the openers showed their excellent talents. Due to time limitations, Cern innings had to stop at 35 overs, scoring 233 for 3.  GICC took to bat and scored 234 in 27 overs for the loss of 4 wickets.

May 1, 2004 - Uster (Zurich) - The Labor Day match between GICC & Nomads proved fruitful for the labor of Nomads' 171 runs. GICC, on the other hand, called it "May Day" and left Uster with only 141 runs. Well done Nomads & buck up GICC

April 2004 - Cossonay - A terrific match was played between Cossanay CC & Geneva International CC on Sunday April 25.  Despite the Arctic wind that blew across the Cossanay's newly laid wicket, GICC managed 299 for 6 & CCC  246 for 7.

January 2004 - Köniz (Bern) - In the annual general meeting, GICC was voted to become a member of the Swiss Cricket Association (SCA).  On the behalf of GICC, the president thanked all those who participated and were responsible to make this happen.